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      MICRO DIEZIN  is a line of USA registered and FDA compliant CE CERTIFED ISO & GMP  CERTIFED liquid disinfectants that exhibit anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-algal,   mildewcide and deodorizing capabilities. MICRO DIEZIN products are developed for the industrial, residential, educational, automotive, healthcare and public marketplace among others.
 (EOW) Introduce
Electrolyzed Oxidized Water (EOW) is a pure water source (with NaCl), using electrolysis technology to turn ordinary aquatic water into acid water with sterilization function.
In the technical specification for disinfection , it is clearly stipulated that acidic oxidized potential
water (EOW) can be used for endoscopy, hand, environment, food, liver disease infection control and other purposes.
MICRO DIEZIN  disinfectants are used to disinfect:
for endoscope, hand, environment, Air n Hands ,Food contact surfaces , Equipment and tools Foods ,Non-food contact surfaces , liver infection ,control and other purposes.
Environmental spray: home, hospital, restaurant, hotel and other public places
  • 100% safe to be used around people and pets, excluding fish
  • 100% biodegradable
  •  Non-carcinogenic as per I.A.R.C., O.S.H.A., and N.T.P.
  • Non-irritant n Non-corrosive
  • Non-toxic: Toxicological category III
  • Stable in presence of organic matter
  • No antimicrobial resistance n Residual effect
  • Penetrates into pores and crevices
  • Removes biofilms
  • Non-selective: acts against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae
  • Shelf life of MICRO DIEZIN solutions: 1 year
  • Dilute 1 to 5
In addition to many other advantages related to each type of MICRO DIEZIN disinfectants
MICRO DIEZIN is incompatible with soaps, anionic detergents, sulfated fatty alcohols and oils, anionic surface-active agents and strong oxidizers.

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