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Main ingredient: Chlorine dioxide ( CIO2) .
product Features: portable sustained release type
Application objects: children, adults, pregnant, and the elderly.
Scope of application: schools, offices, hospitals, public transportation, indoors, in cars, etc.
Use time about 30 days after unpacking and opening
various bacteria are hidden in the air, and everyone is a stealth release source microorganisms , especially in public places, which is prone to cross infection. The sterilization card is convenient to carry, effective air Sterilization, forming an invisible protective cover, so that you cannot panic anytime, anywhere.
Sterilization in the air for up to30 days without interruption
How it works: After tearing the packing, by slowly combining water and carbon dioxide in the air, a small amount of Chlorine dioxide ( CIO2) is produced. Chlorine dioxide can absorb and pass through the capsid protein of pathogen and damage the nucleic acid ( RNA or DNA) genome effectively prevent the reproduction of pathogens, and achieve the effect of killing pathogens.
Effectively kill: HIN1 influenza virus, Covid-19, E. coli, staphylococcus aurous. Not only eliminate bacteria, but also remove smell and mites.
effectively remove harmful or odorous gases such as formaldehyde, ammonia sulfide, benzene etc. and convenient to use period30 days after opening.
The Chlorine dioxide ( CIO2) Medicine package is sealed in an aluminum foil bag to ensure that the Chlorine dioxide is not oxidized by leakage.
safe and non- toxic, use with confidence . The product has passed CE / ISO /GMP certification
Application objects: Both adults and children need, it can protect family members from members from germs and eliminate influenza viruses. Use Occasions: subway and mall, offices, hospital , indoors, school.
Use in multiple scenarios to protect your food, clothing and housing
wardrobe : Hanging in the closet, it can replace camphor pills to sterilize and deodorize. Bedroom: place in the house to prevent mold, Mite s and odor .
Car: Hang in the car help remove the odor in the car.

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